Parking Lot Sealcoating

Commercial parking lot sealcoating is the best way to protect your investment. Our sealer will not only keep your pavement looking new for a longer period of time but it also preserves the pavement and potentially prevents you from spending thousands of unnecessary dollars.


Your parking lot pavement is the first impression your clients will have of you, let us help you make it a great one! Manel Sealers and Paving has been providing quality parking lot sealcoating services for over 30 years!


Asphalt Crack Repair

From freezing temperatures to over salting our winters can take a toll on your parking lot.  Using the latest technology and highly trained experts Manel Sealers and Paving can help preserve the life of your parking lots.


By filling the holes  properly you can prevent more damage from happening and also keep your pavements safe for your clients, family, and friends.


Parking Lot Striping

Manel Sealers and Paving provides full ADA and local code compliant parking lot striping. No parking lot is complete without proper parking lot striping.  Not only does striping make your property look complete however, it also increases the safety and efficiency for your clients. If your not looking to have your parking lot redone, striping is the perfect way to freshen up your pavement and business.


Parking Lot Cleaning

Manel Sealers and Paving uses 13 horse power Little Wonder blowers and wire brooms to remove all debris from your parking lot prior to any services.  This service ensures proper adhesion of all asphalt surfaces.


Asphalt Mill and Patch

To ensure that pot holes and other defects in your asphalt are properly patched Manel Sealers and Paving employs the process of milling (grinding) down the area prior to patching.  Once the area has been properly prepped our highly trained technicians will finalize the patch process.


Resurfacing and Replacement

If your parking lot needs a face lift then let Manel Sealers and Paving resurface your parking lot.  With a clean new surface and quality striping we’ll leave your parking lot looking like new!


Sometimes a parking lot is simply beyond repair, whether from lack of proper maintenance or mother nature winning out.  When this is the case Manel Sealers and Paving recommends replacement.



Patching is a vital part of the life cycle of any asphalt surface.  There are various ways to patch including overlaying, saw cutting or our mill and patch method.  Contact an expert at Manel Sealers and Paving today for a free estimate on what method is best for you.


Snow Plowing and Removal

Manel Sealers and Paving will help maintain your parking lot in the winter too!  We offer commercial plowing, salting and snow removal services for parking lots of all sizes.